Murmansk Governor Dmitry Dmitriyenko wants to establish a special economic zone around Teriberka, the hub of the Shtokman project.

The proposal was aired in a meeting with Russian PM Vladimir Putin and his Norwegian counterpart Jens Stoltenberg last week, MBnews.ru reports. As BarentsObserver reported, Governor Dmitriyenko was included in that Russian-Norwegian top meeting.

The Murmansk governor believes the establishment of the economic zone will help facilitate business development in the area vital for the grand Shtokman project. The zone is expected to bring both tax revenues to the region and ease the bureaucratic burden on local industry.

Mr. Dmitriyenko also called for consolidation of regional and federal power in the project in order to boost efficiency.

According to MBnews, the Norwegian side in the meeting expressed a high level of interest in social aspects, among them the creation of new jobs, training of young people and improvements of medical facilities.

As reported by BarensObserver, the Shtokman project was high on the agenda in last week

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