The Shtokman Development AG plans to sell 70-80 percent of LNG from the Shtokman field in contracts, company leader Yury Komarov indicated in a conference.
It will be the Gazpromexport company which will be responsible for the LNG contracts, the company leader said.

-Usually, 70-80 percent of the LNG is sold in contracts, however all depends on the surrounding circumstances, Komorov said. He underlined that the company will not sell all the liquefied Shtokman gas in contracts, website Kolsky Khronograf reports.

In the course of the first Shtokman development phase, a total of 23,7 billion cubic meters of gas per year is planned extracted, of which half will be sold as LNG. In the first phase, about 7,5 million tons of LNG is to be produced. That will be increased to 15 million tons in the second phase and 30 million tons in the third phase.

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