In a meeting with environmental organisations today, a representative of the Shtokman Development Company confirmed that high environmental standards will be applied in the huge Barents Sea gas project. Also new technology on climate gas emissions will be used.
In the meeting company representative Erve Madeo underlined that high environmental standards is a top priority in the project, an unprecedented industrial initiative in the High North.

Meeting with representatives of the leading environmental organisations in Murmansk Oblast, among them the Bellona Foundation, Nature and Youth and WWF, the energy company spokeman said however that he does not believe in the use wind energy in the project.

-This is only a dream, Mr. Madeo said to the environmentalists.

There are currently plans for the development of a major windpower park near the Shtokman hub of Teriberka and environmental organisations believe this power could be used to fuel the projected Shtokman LNG plant.

The company representative also confirmed that nuclear power will not be applied in the project, and that the model with an underwater nuclear installation is "unrealistic"

At the same time, Mr. Madeo underlined that the time schedule in the project remains unchanged. Production will start in 2013, he said.

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