First practical steps were made in Murmansk region for realization of the project on Shtokman development. "You will be a witness of first steps of the realization of the Shtokman project. This year it is planned to start the building of the road to Teriberka, where a plant on gas liquefaction will be", Yuriy Evdokimov said on the solemn action on the occasion of acceptance of the subsea module, designed for use in "Sigrid" project, realized by "STATOYLGIDRO" in Norway.

"We shall have to realize a big project. We talk about it a lot and we have been already criticizing for that. To develop Shtokman is not easy as to build an outdoor toilet for two persons. I thank Norwegian partners that they believed in us and entrusted this work to us. Especially I am glad for our specialists and workers, which showed in practice what they able to do", the governor said.

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