NMC - Petroleum Strategy Workshop in Arkhangelsk - May 14th - 16th 2007

The Northern Maritime Corridor (NMC) project is an EU-sponsored project focused on maritime transportation and regional development. The project vision is to connect coastal areas and enhance regional development. Networking and promotion of trade and maritime transport are key issues. The participating regions cover the North Sea area and Northern Periphery areas like Northern Norway and North West Russia. National authorities as well as companies from the private sector have signed up as sponsors for the NMC project.

Further information can be found on our website (see www.northemmaritimecorridor.no)
Work Package F - a sub-project within NMC - is focused on the petroleum sector. One of the main priorities in Work Package F is to establish a Maritime Link to the Barents Region and to enhance cost effective transport solutions. This work will involve close cooperation with authorities, oil companies, their contractors and the logistics industry.
The Northern Maritime Corridor project hereby invites you to take part in our workshop in Arkhangelsk on 14. - 16. May 2007.

This event will be an exciting opportunity for establishing contact with key players relevant for the oil and gas development in the Barents Region, and will provide relevant input and give valuable background material when preparing plans related to the expected growth in the oil and gas activity.

The workshop will comprise a mixture of activities and will cover excursions in the Archangels area, plenary workshop sessions with presentations of relevant topics and finally good opportunities for business to business meetings and networking.

The St. Petersburg workshop in November was a great success with more than 80 participants from several countries and with an impressive Russian delegation. For those who did not have the opportunity to participate in St. Petersburg, we can recall the main topics discussed at the workshop there:

  • The demand from the petroleum industry
  • The challenge for the logistics industry
  • Forecasting of oil and gas related cargo flows
    The Arkhangelsk workshop will carry some of these topics further and this time concentrate on the following:
  • Cargo Flows and Transportation related to Upstream Petroleum Activities
  • Export / Import cargo from / to North West Russia - Flows and Transportation Methods
  • Economic and Ecological Aspects of Intermodal Transport Chains

    The traditional NMC dinner will take place in the evening on Tuesday May 15th, and will as usual- be a mixture of Russian hospitality, good food and provide an excellent opportunity for networking.

    It is NMC's intention to follow up the Arkhangelsk workshop with another workshop in September later this year, and it is likely this one will be located in Kirkenes, Norway.

    The NMC project ambitions are to support:

    Business Potentials - Regional Development - Networking

    For further details about the arrangement and how to enlist for participation, please see the attached program and the information about other practical details like transportation, visa to Russia, etc.

    Welcome to Arkhangelsk in May!

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