April, 9 - Russian-Norwegian conference in the framework of two projects: “Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North” (MARPART) and “Search and Rescue in Eastern Barents Sea” (SEBS). These projects are to develop Russian and Norwegian cooperation, to achieve mutual understanding at providing safe sailing in the North, to involve interested sides into discussion, to develop and implement common programs at training of personnel. 

Norwegian organizers of the conference: University of Nordland, Akvaplan-Niva, from the Russian side – Murmansk State Technical University and NPO “Association of arctic projects contractors “Murmanshelf”. 

There were made following reports: 
1) SAR-challenges in the Barents Sea and Cooperation Across Borders, Petr Gerasun (Head of the Murmansk Rescue Coordination Centre)/ Bent Ove Jamtli (Director of Joint Rescue Coordination Centre North Norway) 
2) Development of commercial maritime traffic and maritime activities in the Barents Sea in perspective of safe navigation and the need for preparedness systems – results from the Marpart project, Odd Jarl Borch (professor, University of Nordland, MARPART project manager) 
3) Statoil in High North: activities today and in the future, preparedness solutions, particular preparedness challenges on the North – and how the company is working to manage them, Lill Harriet Brusdal (HSE Manager, Operations North, Statoil) 
4) Lundin Norway – our visions and strategies as a leading company in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea, Bernt Rudjord (HSEQ Manager, Lundin Norway AS) 
5) Peculiarities of Thermovision equipment Application for the Safe Navigation and Rescue at Sea, Sergey Buev (junior researcher at the Department of Electrical Ships Equipment, Murmansk State Technical University 
6) Emergency Towing – Success Stories and Failed Operations, Kay Fjørtoft (Leader of the Doctoral Programme, Martrans, Marintek) 
7) Prospects of Performance Improvement of the Global Maritime Distress (GMDSS) in the High North, Alexander Suslov (Associate Professor, Department of Navigation, Marine Academy, Murmansk State Technical University) 
8) The concept of the Hull Technical Inspection to Prevent Emergencies at Sea, Natalia Petrova (Associate Professor, Department of Technology of Metals and Ship Repair, Murmansk State Technical University) 
9) Role of the Police in Coordination of Preparedness System Operations – the case of Greenland, Hans Herluf Pedersen (Chief police inspector, Greenland Police) 
10) Rescue Equipment on Offshore Fields in the Arctic, Andrey Marichev (Head of laboratory, “Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies – Gazprom VNIIGAZ”) 
11) Rescue and Other Urgent Operations Carried out by “EcoService” from 2005 to 2015, Alexander Glazov (director of “EcoService”).
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