April, 8th: "Association of arctic projects contractors "Murmanshelf" has organized and held the 5th international conference "Arctic Logistics" supported by the Government of Murmansk region. Co-organizers of the conference: Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of Murmansk region, Committee for Development of Industry. 

Opening speech was made by Grigory Stratiy, Vice Governor of Murmansk region; Gøril Johansen, Consul at General Consulate of Kingdom Norway in Murmansk; and Igor Chernyshenko, Russian Federation Council. 

There were more than 110 participants from Russia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the Great Britain and the USA: representatives from transport and logistics companies, logistics and industrial suppliers, scientific and research institutes, educational establishments, legislative and executive authorities. 

Plenary sessions included following reports: 
1) Navigation of vessels on Northern Sea Route, Nikolay Monko, Deputy Head, FSI “Northern Sea Route Administration” 
2) Role of ice-breaking fleet in the development of Russian Arctic shelf, Vladimir Arutyunyan, Head of Fleet Operations Development Department, FSUE "Atomflot" 
3) Practice of "Murmansk Shipping Company" in effective using of ice-breaker "V. Ignatyuk" in Arctic conditions, Gennady Golma, captain-instructor of navigation safety service, "Murmansk Shipping Company" 
4) Leasing as a mechanism to attract non-budgetary investments for development of transport, Vladimir Dobrovolsky, Deputy Head, "State Transport Leasing Company" 
5) Transport and logistic issues in development of Arctic hydrocarbon fields, Alexey Fadeev, Head of the Production Department of "Gazpromneft-Sakhalin" 
6) Innovative vector of development of coastal territories in Russian Arctic, Svetlana Lipina, Doctor of Economics, professor, Director of Centre of innovative economics, "Council for Study of Productive Forces" 
7) Yamal LNG as a part of Arctic regional coastal infrastructure, Evgeny Borodin, "Center for the study of Arctic", Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 
8) Development of Murmansk transport hub: plans and prospects, Dmitry Sosnin, Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of Murmansk region 
9) Interconnection between Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Northern Sea Route, Ruslan Iliyasov, "Center for the study of Arctic", Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. 

The participants of the conference arranged at round table to discuss the issues "Tools and technologies for prevention of emergency situations, organization of rescue operations". Reports were made by: Mikhail Sarkov, Deputy Director, Northern branch of "Maritime Rescue Service"; Ilya Kulikov, Director, "Murmansk CSM"; Ole-Kristian Bjerkemo, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Coastal Administration; Mikhail Grigoryev, Director, "GECON", member of the Scientific Council at the Security Council of the Russian Federation; Vladimir Volkov, "Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre"; Olga Sarkova, Director General, "IS-Systems"; Alexander Glazov, Director, "EcoCenter". Participants discussed peculiarities of Russian legislation in the sphere of OSR, international cooperation in rescue operations at emergency oil spills in the Arctic regions, modern changes of Arctic climate conditions. 

After all the discussions, companies participated in business meetings; total amount of these meetings was 20. 

Association of contractors "Murmanshelf" thanks speakers and all participants of the conference and hopes to continue cooperation in the framework of further events.
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