According to words of Dmitry Bulgakov, Minister of Defence of Russian Federation and General of the Army, regional environmental center of the Northern fleet is going to be formed in the Arctic region in near future.

Among functions of this environmental center will be such things as ecological monitoring; control of observance of Russian and international Environmental Law both in the location of the Northern fleet and in the Arctic zone where the military are located.

Dmitry Bulgakov assured that location of the military in the Arctic region would not become one of the polluting factors. The military will be instructed on the subject of environmental safety and observance of rules.    
Nowadays experts are estimating the real environmental state of further places to locate the military units in the Arctic zone, including those which were used in the USSR. They plan to demolish old destroyed buildings, carry out territorial cultivation, to clean rubbish dumps and bases, to take out scrap metals and make some other environmental events.  

Utilization of different droppings will be made both by its transportation to the continent and by its removal there and then with the help of specialized equipment.  

According to Russian Minister of Defence, the military units if the Eastern district are going to transport about 10 tons of droppings from several territories.

Information from http://www.b-port.com/news/
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