September, 6 – Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of Russian Federation, and Marina Kovtun, Head of Murmansk region, gave a signal to start realization of the first stage of the project “Complex development of Murmansk transport hub”. The beginning of constructing works concerning federal objects was announced officially: railway station Vykhodnoy – bridge crossing river Tuloma – railway station Murmashi-2 – Lavna. Branch railway line is 46 km.

The meeting devoted to realization of the development project “Murmansk transport hub” included discussion of project significance, its practical sides of realization, and some additional details. Among the participants of the meeting were ordering party, contractor, the Government of Murmansk region and other interested parties.

Maxim Sokolov noticed that development of competitive advantaged of Murmansk port would let this country realize all transit opportunities, that would have multiplicative effect for Murmansk region and for Arctic zone.

He added: “Murmansk transport hub is one of the key global hubs among transport corridors between Asia, Europe and Northern America due to its unique geographical position. That is the point why development of Murmansk transport hub is so important and it is the main factor of development not only for Northern Sea Route but for strengthening of Russian position in the Arctic region, development of row hydrocarbons on the shelf fields”.

Marina Kovtun told about Arctic relevance and accordance of industrial plans of the oil giants – “Rosneft” and “Gazprom” companies. Marina noticed that some companies had already been realizing projects on the base of Murmansk port for creation coastal supplying bases for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in Barents and Kara Seas. “Rosneft” also regarded an opportunity to organize in Murmansk port plants for transshipment and regasification of liquid natural gas, transshipment and recovery of oil from Arctic fields. The same grandiose plans about transshipment of oil and oil products belonged to such companies as “Bashneft” and “Gazprom neft”.
Marina Kovtun assured that the Government of Murmansk region would do the best for successful realization of the project such as to unite interests of all participants, to provide help in solving some administrative issues. “This project is the guarantee of sustainable development of the Kola north. We are not just constructing railway branch to the western coast, we are creating our path to the future, our own Arctic way”.  

/ Department of information policy and interaction with mass media, the government of the Murmansk region/
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