• 7th International Conference:Arctic Shelf Development: Step by step
  • Arctic Shelf Development: Step by step
  • Nonprofit organization “Association of Suppliers for Oil and Gas Industry “Murmanshelf” invites you to participate in the 7th International Conference «ARCTIC DEVELOPMENT: STEP BY STEP». The Conference will take place in Murmansk on the 18th – 19th of November, 2014 supported by the Government of the Murmansk Region in the framework of the III Murmansk International Business Week.

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The most interesting issues of the meeting were about possible prospects to develop the cooperation between Murmansk region and Rogaland county.

The participants discussed such vectors of development as creation of modern supplying base in Murmansk region with the aim to provide oil and gas operations on the shelf; organization of international coordination oil spill response competence center (also located in Murmansk); audit of industrial experience at Norwegian enterprises applying it to those in Murmansk region.

In conclusion of the meeting, Rogaland representatives invited the Government of Murmansk region to make a visit to Stavanger (Norway) in order to get acquainted with that area as well as to present the interests of Murmansk region; and in return, they accepted the invitation to participate in the 7th international conference “Arctic Development: Step by Step” which would be organized in this November, 18-19 in the framework of III Murmansk International Business Week for presenting further plans concerning development of cooperation between Norway and Russia.
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