Grigory Stratiy, Vice Governor of the Murmansk region, made the opening speech for Transportation Safety Board and underlined that primarily future of Murmansk region was closely connected with realization of infrastructure projects in transport development. Safety control of passenger and cargo transportation is the most important condition of that development.

One of the main issues of that discussion was Strategic Plan of Transportation Safety of CIS countries during international operations.
“Systematic and logical improvement of CIS transportation policy is necessary condition to develop cooperation in transport sphere. Implementation of Strategic Plan is to strengthen economic and safety relations of CIS countries”, - said Alexander Kornienko, Chairman of

Transportation Safety Board, Department of Transportation Safety and Special Programs, Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation.  
According to Strategic Plan, main aim for countries is to maintain and realize coordinate measures in regulatory, economic and organizational spheres for providing sustainable and safe functioning of transport complex during international operations.

Among discussed points were issues concerning improvement of quality of international operations.
Vitaly Osin, acting Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of the Murmansk region: “Murmansk region has got regular connection with Norway and Finland, passenger traffic annually increases. That is one of the reasons for local authorities to improve regional roads –this summer we are going to repair about 15 km of highway “Salla”. Among significant problems, we are to enhance capacity of international checkpoints”.

“We must work in international cooperation. Certainly, there will be some difficulties which need to be solved not to stop transportation. Work at improving the quality of transportation is to be Motor Transport Board, Deputy Director of Department of State Policy in Motor and municipal passenger transport, Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation.
Participants of Transportation Safety Board discussed foundation of working group at developing bus and taxi passenger transportation in CIS countries, as well as other important issues.

/Department of information policy and interaction with mass media, the government of the Murmansk region/
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