Representatives of regional business community have arrived to Oslo for introducing to their Norwegian colleagues renewed economic possibilities of Murmansk region and an opportunity to expand further cooperation.

Business mission includes different meetings, round table discussions, workshops for experience exchange in various spheres such as housing and utilities infrastructure, fishing industry, oil and gas industry, energy, tourism, and business. Murmansk delegation consists of local authorities, small and medium enterprises, travel companies, oil and gas companies.

Alexey Tyukavin, Vice-Governor of Murmansk region, leads the delegation. He will present a report “Murmansk region: today, tomorrow” that tells about economic and investment prospects of Murmansk region. His co-speakers are:

- Gennady Kazanin, Director General of Marine Arctic Geological Expedition, who will report about experience and prospects of two-sided cooperation on exploring Arctic seas in modern conditions;

- Anatoly Evenko with information about role and place of offshore activities in Murmansk economics;

- Olga Kuznetsova, Chief of Committee for Development of Industry and Entrepreneurship of Murmansk region, will inform participants abot measures taken by regional government for creation of favoravle investment climate.

Cooperation between twinned cities is the topic for report of Sergey Gonchar, Head of Administrative Office, Pechenga district.  

Official source - http://new.gov-murman.ru/

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