The plenary session for Russian and foreign companies working in OSR sphere was in the first day of the seminar and consisted of the following reports:

- Protection of vulnerable arctic waters, Ole Andreas Lindeman, Consul General of the Kingdom Norway in Murmansk;

- History and perspectives of cooperation between Russian and Norwegian companies in the field of oil spills prevention in the North-Western part of the Arctic, Olga Sarkova, General Director of "IS-SYSTEMS";

- Oil spills prevention in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, Andrey Pronin, Deputy Head of Civil Protection Department, Head of the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, Murmansk Regional Office of EMERCOM;

- The organization of oil spills prevention and response system in the Arctic Region, Alexander Glazov, Director of "EcoCenter";

- Project of the organization of Oil Spills Response Competence Center in the Arctic: invitation to cooperate, Olga Buch, General Director of the Association "Murmanshelf";

- Certification and emergency response, Ivar Singsaas/Sintef, Rune Pedersen/DNV;

- Detection, Instrumentation of oil spills, Lars Solberg, Aptomar/Vegard Hovstein, Maritime Robotics;

- Mechanical oil spill recovery (offshore), Trond Gulbrandsøy, AllMaritim/ Igor Lakisov, Norlense;

- Logistics during OSR operations onshore, Trond Lindheim, Henriksen/Jørn Selvik, TESS.

The second part of the programme was the round table discussion. Participants of the seminar discussed such important issues as environmental sensitivity maps for OSR planning, state system of OSR in the ports and seas of the Western part of the Arctic, certification of the Norwegian equipment for OSR in Russia and many other significant things. The second day consisted of excursions for Norwegian enterprises which are interested in the development of international cooperation and they are looking for Russian business partners. The initiators of this project are a Norwegian industrial incubator "Pro Barents" and organization "Love Petro", as well as Association "Murmanshelf". The goal of the project is information and experience exchange, discussion of further possibilities to work in cooperation in order to create Competence OSR Center in Murmansk and to organize the production of the OSR equipment.

Russian return visit to Norway is planned on June, 2014 to the conference NOSCA in order to participate in the international seminar and attend industrial enterprises to see the demonstration of Norwegian OSR equipment. 

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