The 31th of January, "Association "Murmanshelf" held the Board Meeting which included following Members of the Board: Grigory Stratiy, Olga Buch, Eugene Volkovich, Anatoly Glushkov, Oleg Erin, Vitaly Mezhenin.

Agenda included results of the 6th International Conference "Arctic Development: Step by Step", also there was taken the decision to organize the 7th International Conference "Arctic Development: Step by Step".  

Moreover, the Members of the Board confirmed the plan of key events for 2014. One of the nearest planned event is the 4th International Conference "Arctic Logistics" that will be on the 8th of April, 2014. Preparative activities for the conference were also approved.  

The Members of the Board discussed strategic directions of activities of "Association "Murmanshelf", among them we could see:
- strengthening of cooperation between association and such companies as Gazprom, Rosneft, ExxonMobil Russia Inc., Karmorneftegaz and so on;
- development of international cooperation between foreign companies and Association members;
- organization of international workshops and conferences;
- promotion and publication of the magazine "MurmanshelfInfo".

The Members of the Board considered also applications for entering into this organization and several companies became the Association members.
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