In 2014, under grand research of the Arctic shelf, “NC “Rosneft” is going to reconstruct the system of weather observation in the Kara Sea.

There have been 6 meteorological observation stations in this region.  Last summer during expedition “Kara-summer 2013”, “Rosneft” installed 3 more ones at the coast of archipelago Novaya Zemlya. The Arctic Research centre (created by “Rosneft” and “Exxon Mobil”) plans in 2014 to make one more at the island of Uedinenie (Solitude) in the Kara Sea. Meteorological network will count 10 objects and will be more effective.

Since this year, “NC “Rosneft” starts retrieving weather observation in other Arctic regions. According to Information Company Policy Management, automatic station will be arranged at island of Preobrazhenie (Transformation) - the Laptev Sea, and at the island of Zhokhov - the East Siberian Sea.

United network of weather observation has a lot of advantages: it could optimize geological exploration, increase effectiveness of field production, gives start for the whole range of big scientific and research programs of regional exploring.  

Information could be useful not only for this region but for the whole country because its volume is enormous.

Official source: http://www.b-port.com/news/
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