May 23, 2014 – the XI international conference “Offshore Upstream Development in Russia and CIS” will be held at the "Nikolskaya Kempinski" Moscow Hotel.

The conference is traditionally supported by “Gazprom”.
The aim of this event is to discuss strategies of studying and exploring oil and gas shelf potential in the conditions of current financial and economic situation, then to observe modern technologies in this field and possible realization of particular decisions.

There are about 200-220 delegates - top managers and heads of relevant departments of this country and abroad – that annually take part in these conferences. Traditionally, the largest offshore operating companies – Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Shell, Shtokman Development AG, Mitsui, Murmanshelf, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes – are the regular participants of the event.

“Offshore Upstream Development in Russia and CIS – 2014” is:
- one of the most significant events in this field (annually supported by Gazprom);
- unique source of new information about shelf projects of Arctic, Far East and South seas;
- available access to technologies and successful experience of leading companies.

Main issues:
-    State policy on offshore subsoil use
-    Offshore deposits exploration and development: leading companies’ work projects and plans
-    Offshore projects at the South, Arctic and Far East Seas: companies’ experience
-    Financing and marketing of the offshore development projects. Promising international markets for offshore hydrocarbon resources
-    Infrastructure provision of the offshore oil and gas projects
-    Innovative technologies and equipment for offshore development
-    Trends and outlooks in the international cooperation in the offshore oil and gas fields exploration project under the current economic situation.

For learning more about this event, please, follow the link: http://rus.rpi-conferences.com/conference/?cnf=121

Questions about mass media accreditation can be asked by phone +7 (495) 502 54 33 / 778 93 32 or by e-mail: Angelina@rpi-inc.ru, Angelina Galitskaya

You can get additional information calling +7 (495) 502 54 33 / 778 93 32 or sending an e-mail to: Konstantinova.Elena@rpi-inc.ru, Elena Konstantinova
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