According to the Ministry of Economic Development of Murmansk region, December, 11 "State Regional Centre of Standardization, Metrology and Testing" will organize a ceremony of comissioning new unit of oil testing laboratory, so called "cold room" researching oil at low temperatures.

Studies of Russian oil are realized within the project "Improvement of the system response to oil spills and oil through the creation of a data bank of oil", Border Cooperation Program of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument "Kolarctic ENPI CBC 2007-2013", being implemented in Murmansk region since 2012.
The project aim is to form the mechanism of international cooperation in the case of Russian oil spills in northern seas, taking into account the prediction of laboratory tests.

Russian representatives are the FBI "State Regional Center of Standardization , Metrology and Testing in  Murmansk region "Rosstandart Northern branch FGBI "Marine Rescue Service" FGBI "Murmansk Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring ", LLC " Storvik Consult" and the Ministry of Economic development. Norway - Norwegian Coastal Administration , Tromse and Finnmark . Finland - Oulu University / Center for Environmental Technology and northern Finnish Environment Institute . Lead Partner - FBU "Murmansk UCM ." Financing of the project implemented by the European Union, Russia , Finland and Norway .
The reason to create the second "cold room" is need of re-testing some oil samples. Earlier it was impossible because of lack of equipment and small size of previous  "cold room".
Another argument was the changing of transportation routes and offshore oil extraction in areas with lower temperature of sea water and air. Previous "cold room" provides temperature regimes only from +50 C to +150 C, and now it will be possible to conduct research at zero temperature.

Although creating the second "cold room" was not planned project, the JMA program Kolarctic, understood the importance of taking solution, has endorsed the initiative Murmansk UCM and made changes into the project.
Ceremony of commissioning of the new unit oil testing laboratory will take place on December, 11, at 10 o'clock in "State Regional Centre of Standardization, Metrology and Testing" ( Murmansk, str. Festivalnaya d.25).

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