The 4th  All-Russian Congress on Environmental Protection has been opened in Moscow.

Murmansk region is represented by Alexei Smirnov, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, amd Elvira Makarova, Head of Department on Ecology and Nature Management of the Ministry.

This event is the most significant and large one in the Russian Federation in last 10 years (The 3rd All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection was held in November 2003).

Workshops of the Congress will be organized to disscuss such issues as environmental management, environmental quality, monitoring and control of environmental security, the role of environmental economics in the national economy, the experience of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

This congress will involve twenty round tables, discussions and presentation sessions as well as two key conferences "The current state of environmental sphere: what has changed in ten years " and "Environmental aspects of regional policy."

Official source - http://new.gov-murman.ru/
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