The 9th International Congress "Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining"

This Mining & Exploration Forum, the largest in Europe, will held from 29-31 of October, 2013, at the ski resort of Levi, Main point of discussion is  the development of Fennoscandia mineral resources.

The participants of this forum are geologists, miners , bankers, representatives of academia, universities, companies engaged in mining service. The number of participants has gradually increased and now ot counts about thousand and a half. 

The previous conference was interesting not only for Finland , Sweden, Norway and Russia (countries of Fennoscandia), but also such countries as United Kingdom, Denmark , the Netherlands, Spain , Portugal , Germany , USA, Canada , South Africa and Australia. 

Kola Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences will present at the Congress leaders of the Geological and Mining Institute . Professor Yuri Voitekhovsky, Director of the Geological Institute, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences,  is honored to make an open speech to the participants of the forum, and then to lead one of the sections. 

21-22 of November, 2013,  the 3d International Mining Conference "View to the Future" - "Modern equipment and technologies in the mining and manufacturing industries" will be organized in Kirovsk under the control of the Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This conference is arranged by analogy with the Finnish Congress, but the problem affects only the development of deposits of the Kola Peninsula.

Official resource: http://www.b-port.com/news/item/115836.html#ixzz2hyaWR6v3
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