Today Marina Kovtun, the Governor of Murmansk region has had a meeting with Ole Andreas Lindeman, the new Consul General  of Norway.
He has started to work in September, 2013. The consul has given a letter of credence from king Harald V to the head of our region.

Marina Kovtun said: "I know that you started officiating not so long ago, at the beginning of September, but nevertheles, you have already loved Murmansk. This meeting is very impotrant, I hope it will be the start of fruitful dialog".

Mr Lindeman mentioned that General Consulate of Norway in Murmansk is one or the biggest for the kingdom and this facr underlines the importance of Russian-Norwegian cooperation, especially in the North.

Mr Lindeman said: "Barents cooperation is extremely important for new norwegian government. Economics has proirity in my work, because business is the base of all the rest vectors of development".

Marina Kovtun noticed that there would be several projects with participation of norwegian partners in the nearest future. First of all, they are "Days of Ru-No Cross-border Cooperation". The program includes the conference, exhibition of investing projects and so on.

Besides, it is the 25th anniversary of setting friendship between Murmansk region and Tromso and Finnmark. The events will be included in the II Murmansk International Business Week.

"I hope we will use our potential for realizing common projects", - said the Governor.

Official source: http://new.gov-murman.ru/
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