Shale gas in Spitsbergen

Shale gas in Spitsbergen has been found by mining company Store Norsk within the research project UNIS CO2 with University of Svalbard and some other norwegian oil and gas corporations.

This project is aimed to evaluate the possibility to form an underground storage of greenhouse gases on Spitsbergen. Among the participants such companies as Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Lundin Norway и Baker Hughes.

Store Norsk was to drill 8 wells next to the biggest norwegian archipelago Longyearbyen. Shale gas was found in valley Adventdalen at a depth of 700 metres.

"We did not count to find shale gas here but now we are to evaluate resource potential of this new source of energy", said Ranild Ronneberg, the head of the project.

For this purpose company has to make several wells more.

Today Norway does not explore or develop shale gas as a branch of industry.

Official source: www.b-port.ru
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