2nd Environmental Protection, Monitoring Systems & Oil Spill Contingency Workshop took place in Murmansk on the 17th of September, 2013. It was organized within the frame of the project “Russian-Norwegian oil & gas industry cooperation in the High North” (RU-NO Barents project).

     The organizers of the workshop were Norwegian association “INTSOK” and “Association Murmanshelf”.

     Grigory Stratiy, the deputy governor of Murmansk region, held the opening speech.
Participants of the workshop discussed the following issues:

-    Readiness for liquidation of oil spills (finding, monitoring and liquidation)
-    Analysis of ecological risk and risk of oil spills
-    Biodiversity
-    Ecological monitoring.

     Special attention was paid to such problems as emergency releases and important ecological issues on leading and planning oil and gas operations in the basins of the Barents, Kara and Pechora seas.

     There were reports of representatives from “Rosneft”, SINTEF, “Giprospecgaz”, IS-Systems, “Eco-center”, Akvaplan-niva.

     Participants were divided into work groups where they analyzed and evaluated general technological problems which are common for Norway as well as for Russia minding the exploration of the Arctic.

“Association Murmanshelf” thanks all the participants for interest and active involvement into the workshop.
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