On the 25th of April 2013 the Board meeting of the "Association Murmanshelf" was held.Chairman of the Board and the First Vice-Governor of Murmansk Region
Alexey Tyukavin, General Director of the "Association Murmanshelf" Grigory Stratiy, President of the Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry Anatoly Glushkov,Chairman of the Expert Council of the Board of the "Association Murmanshelf" Olga Buch and other members of the Board participated in the meeting.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Industrial Development,Ecology and Nature Management Alexey Smirnov, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations,Cross-border and Interregional Cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Development of Murmansk Region Zoya Efimova, Head of the Department of Industrial Development,Monitoring and Forecasting Oleg Kostenko and Director of "Ecocentre" Alexander Glazov were invited and attended the meeting.

The results of the 3rd International Conference "Arctic Logistics" were discussed and it was decided to hold the 4th International Conference "Arctic Logistics" in April 2014.

Also,it was decided to create a work group attached to the Board of "Association Murmanshelf". The work group is going to deal with the issues of ecological safety provision and international cooperation in the field of environmental safety during the development of the Arctic shelf.

The questions of the budget implementation of 2012 and the budget plan for 2013 of the "Association Murmanshelf" were discussed and approved by the Board members.

Application forms of several new enterprises were analyzed and were accepted as members of the "Association Murmanshelf".

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