On the 15th of May in Murmansk, Association of suppliers for oil and gas “Murmanshelf” in cooperation with “Statoil ASA” organized seminar: “Design and construction of LNG plant in Arctic conditions”. The seminar was a part of the activities scheduled by the Association “Murmanshelf” for year 2012.

General Director of the Association “Murmanshelf” Grigory Stratiy and Senior Consultant Social Responsibility Manager “Statoil ASA” Natalia Gololobova addressed their welcoming speech to the participants of the seminar.

In the seminar participated more than 50 participants, including representatives of the following companies: “Gazprom Dobycha Shelf”, “Cape Industrial Services”, Sakhalin, “Reinertsen NWR”, “Eurosib SPb”, “Murmansk Shipping Company”, “Nerpa Shipyard” and others.

Senior adviser of LNG technology “Statoil ASA” Jostein Pettersen and project leader, Construction LNG “Statoil ASA” Jens Roar Nilsen made presentations on topics:

Reports of the specialists of the company “Statoil ASA” created a great interest among the audience. In the framework of seminar there was a discussion and technical consultation. The Norwegian experts shared openly their experiences and achievements in the field of construction and operation of LNG plant. The participants of the seminar were acquainted with complex of technological, infrastructural, ecological problems, which the company “Statoil ASA” had to solve during the implementation of the projects on construction of LNG plants in the severe Arctic conditions.

Working with the leading world’s oil and gas companies, Russian enterprises will get an experience of designing and manufacturing of industrial products for the development of offshore hydrocarbon deposits. Association “Murmanshelf” assigns an important role to the preparation of oil and gas industry suppliers to participate in the projects on the development of Arctic fields.

Seminar served as a good platform for the transfer of experience and technologies in the field of arrangement of offshore deposits, construction and operation of LNG plant, liquation and transporting of natural gas, which was developed by one of the leaders of oil and gas industry – company “Statoil ASA”.

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