On December 8, 2011 Teriberka Rural Settlement in Murmansk region hosted Third Public Hearings where Design and Engineering Documentation (DED) for Shtokman gas-condensate field (SGCF) Development Phase 1 facilities was discussed. During the hearings representatives of Shtokman Development AG (SDAG) and companies involved in DED development, in particular Technip Rus, Giprospetsgaz, Frecom, made their presentations. The speakers presented results of environmental impact assessment of construction and operation near Teriberka of Liquefied Natural Gas Plant and Onshore infrastructure facilities such as administrative support area, operational personnel camp.

The hearings got together local citizens, officials of regional authorities, local municipality, regional and federal governmental agencies, representatives of Fisheries Union of North, Kola Saami Association, Institutions of the Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as environmental public organizations, such as The Barents Sea branch of WWF, Kola Center of wildlife protection, etc.

Discussions led to the approval of the project solutions and results of environmental impact assessment.

It was noted in particular during hearings that the industrial facilities will be located outside of the specially protected natural sites and areas of environmental hypersensitivity. Implementation of environmental actions will allow mitigating environmental impact while countervailing measures will compensate for the lost biological resources. In addition, planned activities will make a positive impact on the social living conditions of the local population due to the development of the productions and social infrastructure, job creation and increased tax revenues at various budget levels.

According to the Russian environmental legislation, community liaison offices have been functioning in Moscow, Murmansk and Teriberka from November 7 to December 8, 2011 where everybody could familiarise with the documents and share comments. Besides, materials were published at SDAG Internet webpage www.shtokman.ru.

All comments and proposals received in the course of the public hearings and through the community liaison offices will be sent to the respective company units for further consideration.


According to Russian environmental legislation, public hearings are among major tools of discussing environmental issues associated with large investment projects implementation. SDAG arranged public hearings in terms of offshore facilities in May 2010, and Gas treatment unit (GTU) in February 2011. Solutions on LNG plant and Onshore Infrastructure facilities presented during the latest hearings are the continuation of Procedure of Project Discussion “Integrated development of the Shtokman Gas Condensate Field. Phase 1”. The comments and proposals made will be duly taken care of in the post-FID construction and operation of SGCF facilities.

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