On 17th of May, in the Regional Duma Evgeny Nikora, the Chairman of the regional parliament, the Chairman of the Board of NPO "Association "Murmanshelf", and Grigory Stratiy “Murmanshelf” Director General held a conference dedicated to the association’s 5-year anniversary.

They gave detailed information on Association’s history, its operations and prospects. The Association was created on Murmansk Regional Government’s and Norwegian oil and gas company’s “Statoil ASA” initiative. “Murmanshelf” is aimed at helping companies to take part in Stockman deposit development as well as in other major regional investment projects. For the five years “Murmanshelf” association united 240 companies, including 60 foreign ones. The Association established business contacts with suppliers from Russia, Norway, France, Canada and Great Britain. Nowadays it develops cross-border cooperation, interacts with educational and research institutions.

Evgeny Nikora pointed out that every year a number of companies that cooperate with the Association is growing, as well as a number of it’s objectives. Talking about future plans Evgeny Nikora claimed that they are connected with Arctic. These are long-term projects, however first steps on their realization are already made. According to E. Nikora, “Murmanshelf” successfully develops ties with companies from other regions of Russia and with foreign business.

Grigory Stratiy draw attention at the prospects of creating interindustry technological cluster aimed at Arctic shelf deposits exploration. According to him, this cluster could become an important part of “Arctic technology centre”.
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