Murmansk regional government and “Shtokman Development AG” joint working groups activities were on the agenda during the videoconference Moscow-Murmansk held on December 17, 2010. The Governor of the Murmansk region Dmitry Dmitrienko and SDAG CEO Alexei Zagorovski participated in the discussions.

The sides stressed that joint working groups activities, established this summer, gave a considerable impact to bilateral relations. Cooperation reached a qualitative new level and participation of Russian manufacturers, goods and services suppliers became a key factor for this cooperation.
Murmansk region and SDAG management agreed that large-scale interaction which started in summer 2010 must be continued next year. "We achieved a lot, but we still have to accomplish a great amount of work, taking into consideration the vital decisions of 2011 concerning the further realization of the project"- SDAG CEO A.Zagorovski stressed after the videoconference.
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