05.07.2010 in Moscow a meeting was held between Alexey Zagorovskiy, CEO SDAG and Dmitry Dmitrienko, Governor of the Murmansk region. During a meeting an Agreement on the set up of joint working teams to maintain interaction between the Murmansk region Government and SDAG has been signed.

The Agreement provides for the establishment of the following working teams:

- communication with the Murmansk regional mass media;

- assurance of Local Content in the Project;

- organization of a training system to supply manpower for the Project;

- cooperation with the transportation and logistical infrastructures of the Murmansk region;

- use of the Murmansk region power supply network;

- land planning and environmental issues.

The Parties expressed their confidence that creation of the above teams would generate a magnificent resource for active cooperation in the Shtokman Phase 1 Project. Both executives agreed to assume personal responsibility for the performance of the working teams.

«I am really pleased with the constructive dialogue we have been having for the last month. We can see the new insights and new approach to prospects for cooperation within the framework of the project», said the Governor in conclusion.

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