• 7th International Conference:Arctic Shelf Development: Step by step
  • Arctic Shelf Development: Step by step
  • Nonprofit organization “Association of Suppliers for Oil and Gas Industry “Murmanshelf” invites you to participate in the 7th International Conference «ARCTIC DEVELOPMENT: STEP BY STEP». The Conference will take place in Murmansk on the 18th – 19th of November, 2014 supported by the Government of the Murmansk Region in the framework of the III Murmansk International Business Week.

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3.04.01 Drilling Rigs (Semisubmersibles/Jackups/Others)
3.04.02 Production Drilling Services
3.04.03 Conductor Piling Services
3.04.04 Cementing Services
3.04.05 Casing/Tubing Running Services
3.04.06 Casing Cutting Services
3.04.07 Mud Logging Services
3.04.08 MWD/LWD Services
3.04.09 Turbine Drilling/Down Hole Motors Services
3.04.10 Electrical Logging/Calibration Services
3.04.11 Coring Services
3.04.12 Fishing/Wireline Fishing Services
3.04.13 Work-over Services
3.04.14 Snubbing Services
3.04.15 Drilling Fluids/Mud Services
3.04.16 Well Testing Services
3.04.17 Underreaming Services
3.04.18 Exploration and Development Services
3.04.19 Liner Float, Hangers and Running Equipment Services
3.04.20 Reservoir Services
3.04.21 Well Completion Services
3.04.22 Well Overhauling/Stimulation Services
3.04.23 Wellhead Services
3.04.24 Wireline Services
3.04.25 Directional Surveying Services
3.04.26 Cutting Injections/Cutting Disposal Services
3.04.27 Recutting Inspections Services
3.04.28 Rental of Drill Pipe Services
3.04.29 Cased Hole Logging Services (Gyro, Perforation, PLT, Gauges)
3.04.30 Drill Stem Testing Services
3.04.31 Directional Drilling Services
3.04.32 Perforating Services
3.04.33 Gravel Packing Services
3.04.34 Fracturating Services
3.04.35 Plugging Services
3.04.36 Well Wash Services
3.04.37 Coiled Tubing Services
3.04.38 Pumping Services
3.04.39 Fluid/Bottom Hole Sampling Services
3.04.40 OCTG Services (cleaning, hardbanding, recutting, rethreading, storage)
3.04.41 Well Crisis Management Services
3.04.99 Other Drilling Services

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