1. Annual membership fee

1.1. The Board of the Non-profit organization «Association «Murmanshelf» (hereinafter referred to as Association) has set the following rates for membership fees:

Number of employees or juridical form Admission / annual fee rate
1-25 15 000 rub.
26-100 35 000 rub.
101-150 45 000 rub.
101-1000                              60 000 rub.
Over 1000 80 000 rub.
Russian branches of foreign companies 60 000 rub.
Operators of the projects 250 000 rub.
Noncommercial organizations 15 000 rub.

1.2. Membership fee is a compulsory condition for entering the Association. Admission fee is to be paid within the 10 days period from submitting the application for admission to the Association. Admission fee serves as a regular annual membership fee for the current year.

2. Special fees

Special fees are aimed at financing of particular events and programs.

3. Notes

3.1. Public authorities, local self-government bodies, other state bodies and all Russian non-governmental have all fees remitted.

3.2. The pay period for admission / annual membership fees starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of the current year.